What to bring with you...

Villa Acadienne recongizes the importance of personal items in making your room attractive and homelike. Space for you personal belongings is limited, but we engourage you to bring a few of the following items to make your stay more pleasant:

- A chair (if space permits)


-A lamp

-Small ornaments

-Seasonal clothing

-Small bureau (if space permits)

-Fall screen television

-Portable radio

-Rubber soled slippers

-Throw pillows

Upon admission, our resident clothing organizer will label all personal clothing after they have been laundered. Any new items received by the residents should be given to a nurse to be labeled before it is used.

Electronic items will need to be checked by maintenance services for safety standards and fire safety requirements. Residents' belongings and furniture will either be laundered or steam cleaned before going into their room. All furniture must meet one of the following codes:

-All medical standards

-Gold Seal

-Canadian Fire Standards

-California Technical Bulletins 116 or 117

Items of value, such as substancial amounts of money or jewelry must be left in the care of a family member, a bank, or given to the Office Manager for safe keeping.

What NOT to bring...

The following is a list of items that are not permitted for safety reasons. Many of these items are already available
for use:

-Throw rugs or mats

-Extension cords

-Electronic blankets

-Heating pads

-Coffee pot, tea kettle, or toaster

-Hot plate


-Large pieces of furniture (space is limited)

-Portable heaters



-Oral medications

-Heavily scented flowers/plants