m i s s i o n- v i s i o n - v a l u e s

Villa Acadienne Mission

True to our Acadian heritage an culture, Villa Acadienne's mission is to provide quality long-term care while promoting the autonomy and self-esteem of our residents.

Villa Acadienne Vision

Villa Acadienne will meet the long term care needs of the community, provide an enhanced quality of life for its residents and provide equality and fairness to its staff.

Villa Acadienne Values

Quality Care: Villa Acadienne provides excellent care to meet the physical, smotional, and spiritual needs of our residents and enhance their quality of life;

Respect and Dignity: Villa Acadienne treats all who live and work at the Villa Acadienne with dignity and respect;
Acadian Language and Culture: Villa Acadienne maintains a strong bond with our Acadian language and culture; welcoming families, friends, and community members to celebreate our uniqueness while serving our residents and seniors in the community.
Valued Staff: Villa Acadienne recognizes staff as its most valuable asset.
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