g e n e r a l  p o l i c i e s


-Villa Acadienne encourages family and friends to visit as often as possible and to play an active role in the lives of loved ones. We are officially open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our normal visiting hours are from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Outside of these hours visiting is permitted in the common areas.

-If you wish to share a meal with a resident, you can either take the resident out, bring food in, or enjoy a meal provided by the Villa at a minimal cost. Arrangements must be made in advance.

-Family and friends may bring food items in for residents. We ask that you notify the charge nurse to ensure the food items are in accordance with the resident's diet, texture and allergies and that it can be stored safely and properly until consumed by the resident. As per the Nova Scotia Retail and Services code, all food brought for a resident must be cooked and prepared prior to bringing it in.

-Family gatherings with a resident can be arranged by contacting the recreation department to book a suitable space depending on the event and room availability. We encourage you to call early.

-Nursing staff are trained to assist residents safely in all aspects of their care. If a resident asks for assistance please check with staff.


-Residents may smoke in the designated smoking room. All other areas inside the building are smoke free. Visitors may smoke outside the building (at least three meters from any door or window) or in their vehicle. Smokers must properly extinguish and dispose of their cigarette butts. Do not litter.


-Staff if not permitted to accept gifts of any kind from suppliers, residents, or visitors. The only exception to this would be with the Administrator's personal knowledge and approval.


-"Less scent is good sense" Villa Acadienne strives to promote a reduced scent environment by eliminating or replacing, where possible, the use of products that a known to cause health problems for sensitive individuals. Therefore we ask you please:

-Refrain from wearing heavily scented perfumes or colognes

-Bring flowers or plants that are not heavily scented (no lilies)

-Bring foil balloons instead of latex

-Check with the nurse in charge if you're unsure