a d m i s s i o n  t o  v i l l a  a c a d i e n n e

The decision to seek admission to a Home for Special Care is a difficult one. We at Villa Acadienne are aware and sensitive to the emotional period that faces a new resident and family upon admission. We work closely with the family to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible.
The majority of accomodations at Villa Acadienne are double rooms. Every effort is made to pair roommates who are compatible, both at admission and throughout their stay. At times, it may be necessary to transfer from one room to another of one unit to another. These changes may be due to either change in their level of care or for better suitability of roommates The decision for such moves is made by an interdisciplinary team who considers the best interests of the residents. Full consideration is given to the effects such moves have on all aspects of the resident's care.